About paying with bank transfer

If you would like to pay via direct bank transfer, please use the information below.

Please note, however:

it is very important that this WBS code is mentioned so that it goes into our specific conference account: C.2026.2040


IBAN number (International Bankaccount number) NL56DEUT0446607460
BIC/SWIFT (Bank identification code) DEUTNL2N
Name of Benificiary of the bank account University of Amsterdam
Address of the Benificiary Spuistraat 210
Area code/postal code of the Benificiary 1012 VT Amsterdam
Country of the Benificiary Netherlands
Bankaccount number of the Benificiary 446607460
Name of Bank of the Benificiary Deutsche Bank
Address of the Bank of the Benificiary De Entree 99-197, 1101 HE Amsterdam, Netherlands